Principal Message

Principal Message

It was summer 1992, when the plan for establishing University College of Islamabad was finalized. The best brains and minds of the country were involved in, with the ultimate objective to provide quality education of the British standards at an affordable cost in Pakistan. We decided to offer the University of London (UOL) Programmes. This is, not only one of the oldest international programmes, but also one of the best international educational programmes in the world.

The University of London is well established since 1858 and holds excellent reputation all over the world. The University of London and its member institution fully support this programme for its academic excellence, quality assurance, institutional and student guidance. We take pride in introducing this programme successfully in Pakistan. For this we were not alone in our endeavors, the team at the University of London, LSE and the British Council in Pakistan constantly supported our efforts.

They provided us with all the information, text books, study guides, past papers, examination reports etc. The University of London has been very generous in providing a number of opportunities to institutions to participate in its Annual Providers’ Meetings, Graduation Ceremony, and Teaching Workshops.

UCI has been participating in all functions, workshops and other events. All our efforts have been very fruitful and the University of London programmes are now well established in Pakistan as well. You will be pleased to know that the University of London has selected me as one of the leading women alumni in Pakistan for their celebration of 150 Years of women comitted to quality higher education. I am highly indebted to the University of London for this honor.

I was also invited by the University of London on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor to the Leading Women Celebration event in January 2019 at St Jame’s Palace where we had the honour of meeting HRH The Royal Princess, Chancellor of the University of London. Details of the event are at: palace-celebrate-150-years-womens-higher-education-uk

Universal College of Islamabad is also offering ACCA and Higher National Diploma (RQF) stream from Pearson, UK. These qualifications are also very versatile, time tested, well-positioned and compatible with our education system. These programmes are highly valued worldwide and our youth is greatly taking benefits of these studies.

We sincerely believe that investment in quality education is one of the best gifts parents can give to their children. The investment in education will not only bring a great positive change in their personality having impact on their confidence, attitude and aptitude, but also it can change the destiny of our nation. The education programmes we offer are very flexible, analytical, creative and innovative in nature and you must avail yourself of this opportunity. Studying with UCI is one of the greatest investment you can make in yourself.

We look forward to welcoming you into our active community of students.