The quality of management often determines success or failure of an enterprise.  Leadership is both an art and a science.  This course focuses on essential features of good management in all its dimensions, financial, organizational and psychological.  The aim of this degree is to provide a range of courses which look critically at management issues.  This will allow students to pursue a range of careers in commerce, industry and education.

The first two years of the business studies degree focus on some of major principles underlying management, economics, sociology and quantitative methodology.  The first year subject establishe the fundamental conceptual and analytical framework and emphasizes the rational basis of management and decision making.  The second year subjets pays further attention to managerial application.  The final year students take core courses in organization theory and management science methods, which cover the growth and characteristics of large organizations and the structure of decisions, linear programming models, network analysis etc.

Course List

100 courses

EC1002               Introduction to economics

MT105A              Mathematics 1 and ST104A Statistics 1

AC1025               Principles of accounting

MN1178             Business and management in a global context

200 and 300 courses

MN2177             Core management concepts (MN1107 or MN1178)

Four courses from the following:

FN3092               Corporate finance (EC1002 + MT105A or MT105B)

IS2136 Information systems and organisations

SP2079 Elements of social and applied psychology

MN3032             Management science methods

(ST104A + MT105A)

MN3075             Human resource management

MN3127             Organisation theory: an interdisciplinary approach

(EC1002 or MN1178 or SP2079)

MN3141             Principles of marketing (EC1002 or SC1179 or SP2079)

Two 300 courses from Selection group M

One 100, 200 or 300 course (or two half courses)                                         from any Selection group

* EC1002 Introduction to Economics must be taken with or after ST104A

Statistics 1 and MT105A Mathematics 1, not before.


  1. Please refer to the most current version of the EMFSS regulations. These can be found on the University of London International Programmes website.
  2. Parenthesis indicates the prerequisites of the course.
  3. The college will provide tuition for a selected number of optional courses. This selection will be based on students’ choices, number of students, and suitability of the course and availability of teachers.