These two dissimilar disciplines have been combined as a result of the ever increasing demand for lawyers with a management background as in today’s world of finance. There is often strong relationships between these two specialities. The course combines the essentials of management and law and will provide an excellent base for a professional career in either fields.

The degree aims to set the study of management and law in a broader social science framework. The management course will enable you to develop and understand the range of issues in international management, while allowing you to learn from examples relevant to your local environment. An in-depth study of law applicable to the commercial sector and the development of a critical awareness of the common law legal tradition are both central to this specialism.

Course list

100 Courses

AC1025 Principles of accounting

LA1040 Contract law

LA1031 Legal system and method

MN1178             Business and management in a global context

200 and 300 Courses

LA2017 Commercial law

LA3021 Company law

MN2177             Core management concepts (MN1107 or MN1178)

One 300 course from selection group M

One 300 course from Selection group M

One course from Selection group M

One 200 or 300 course (or two half courses) from any Selection group

One 100, 200 or 300 course taken from any Selection group


  1. Please refer to the most current version of the EMFSS regulations. These can be found on the University of London International Programmes  website.
  2. Parenthesis indicates the prerequisites of the course.
  3. The college will provide tuition for a selected number of optional courses. This selection will be based on students’ choices, number of students, and suitability of the course and availability of teachers.