About UCI

About UCI

About Us

Since the Independence a large number of educational and research institutions have been established in Pakistan. While this represents a massive achievement, there remains a considerable shortfall in the quality of tertiary education. Existing institutions are constantly beset with problems, which have led to rapidly deteriorating standards.

As a result it has been difficult for these institutions to meet Pakistan’s need for development of professional manpower. Needless to say, a country, which cannot develop its peoples’ intellectual and scientific potential, is bound to be left far behind in today’s increasingly competitive world.

Courses Offered

The college opted to offer degree courses of the University of London, International Programmes, FDA and ACCA from ACCA and CA from Pakistan and CFA from the USA. This is the only college entirely devoted to the provision of UK tertiary education in Islamabad. UCI has CertHE in Social Sciences teaching status for the University of London’s. Academic direction for the these programmes is provided by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

UCI also has CertHE in Common Law teaching status. Academic Direction for this programme is provided by six University of London Colleges with Law Schools or Departments, collectively known as the Laws Consortium.

Mature students are welcomed. Access to our courses is deliberately flexible so that we admit not only the bright school and college-leavers, but also those with non-traditional qualifications who can benefit from BSc and LLB of the University of London and ACCA/FDA, qualifications from ACCA, UK.

Note: All applicants for the University of London International Programmes and other Programmes must fulfill the programme entrance requirements.