Frequently Asked Questions

What are the entrance requirements for a degree from the University of London?

Please refer to section of entrance requirements of the UCI website.

Can a student that does not qualify for the BSc still have access to the University of London degrees?

UOL has Diplomas that require the applicants to pass an entry test for UCI to gain access to the degrees. UCI has Diploma teaching status for the Diploma in Economics and Diploma in Social Sciences, these diplomas give access to the EMFSS degrees. UCI also has Diploma teaching status for the Diploma in Law . After the completion of the diploma students’ transfer into the second year of their respective degrees or they can transfer to another University in the UK.

When are the application deadlines?

The application deadlines for undergraduate degrees is 25th of September. Classes start on the 17th of September. The application process requires documents to be attested by the British council and that takes minimum one week.

The application deadline for postgraduate laws (LLM) is 31 January. There is a further deadline 31 July.

How do I apply for a degree?

You apply personally to University College of Islamabad and Online to University of London International Programmes. UCI will help you to apply online University of London and will guide you in the process.

You will need to have separately documentary evidence of your name and educational qualifications all attested by the British Council or relevant University or boards. You also need to pay an application fee to UOL, this application fee is added to the UCI fee initial deposit fees.

How much does it cost to study for a University of London degree in Pakistan?

The students for a University of London degree will pay to the University of London, the British Council and the University College of Islamabad. The payments to University of London are in Pounds and paid directly to them through drafts or credit card.

The payments to UCI and British Council are in Rupees. For students joining in the academic year starting 2012 they should expect to pay for a three year degree approximately PKR 1,265,000 for all three parties. This amount has been calculated considering the student is doing 4 full units every year and is not repeating a subjects and the pound rate remains at 147 rs to a pound.

The University of London fees are for registration and examinations with them. The UOL fees are paid in October and January of every year. The British Council fees is paid in January for arranging the examination venues and professional invigilators. The UCI fees are the local tuition fees.

How do you study?

You study using a combination of study materials and online learning resources designed to foster active learning and College tuition. These are specially commissioned by the University of London Colleges that provide the academic direction for your degree. The materials are yours to keep, refer to, and write notes on as you study. The materials are also provided online.

UCI will give you structured study support classes on a full or part-time basis, including evening and weekend classes. UCI holds seminars be junior to assist students

Is it an annual or semester system of examinations?

The UOL degrees has an annual system of examinations, with registrations for examinations in January and papers held in May and June of the same year. Results are out in August of every year. Papers are sent to the UOL by the British Council and results are declared every year by the end of August. UCI holds, midterm exams, assignments, mock papers so as to prepare the students for the final UOL examinations.

What is the difference between an LLB or a BSC Degree obtained from on- campus studies and one obtained through study in Pakistan?

There is no difference in the quality and standing of a University of London International Programmes degree obtained while studying in Pakistan, in comparison with one gained by studying on campus in London. However, obviously the study experience is different. The University of London is a top ranking University and the students after completing their BSc or LLB can get admission in top ranking universities of the world. Students of UCI have done their PhD from Oxford, their BCL from Oxford, NPhil from Cambridge, Masters and PhD from LSE . Provided the grade requirements are achieved by the candidate, all top universities of the world will accept the University of London degree.

Where can I sit for examinations in Pakistan?

Students of UCI will have their examinations in a local hotel. The British Council will make all the arrangements .

If I have to move from Islamabad to Lahore or Karachi, can my registration with UOL also be transferred?

Yes, you just need to tell the UOL that you have changed your address using a form or the UOL website. You can transfer to any country that will have a British Council to hold the examinations. UOL has also made arrangements to do the examinations in USA.

Can I transfer to another University in the UK or another country?

Yes, you can transfer to the UK after the first year using the UCAS form or directly contacting the university you want to go. Many universities do not accept transfers so you should check with them first. Usually they give a conditional offer based on the ‘O’ and ‘A’ level results and the offer will demand grades from the UOL subjects taken.

How does the University of London work with institutions in Pakistan?

You should get admission and attend classes for your studies.

UOL has set up a system for recognising certain institutions that come within their quality framework. UCI is in that framework as a registered centre for the University of London International Programmes.

Does the University of London give online support to its students?

The students of the UOL have access a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) portal. From there they can access past papers, video lectures, online journals and virtual libraries and participate on forums and interact between students studying for the degree.

What is written on the degree certificate?

On graduation you are sent two documents – a final degree certificate or a diploma (i.e. the parchment you receive following graduation) and a Diploma Supplement.

Your final diploma?

The final diploma indicates that you were registered with the University of London and awarded a University of London degree, diploma or certificate, and gives the name of the Lead College which conducted the examinations. The University of London logo and signature of the Vice-Chancellor of the University of London are incorporated.

The Diploma Supplement describes the nature, level and content of the programme you successfully completed and includes a transcript of courses taken and marks achieved, as well as the overall classification. It provides information about the role of the Lead College and method of study.

The name of the institution in Pakistan that you studied with does not appear on the certificate.

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