Ali Muhammad Khan

Ali Muhammad Khan, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs

I feel greatly honoured today, that University College of Islamabad where I studied for my LLB has invited me for the groundbreaking ceremony of its new purpose-built campus.

I have my fond and cherished memories of studying at UCI. It was somewhere in September, 2005 when I came to Islamabad and got in touch with Barrister Masroor Shah. He is a good friend of mine. I shared with him my idea of doing LLB. He advised me to go for LLB from the University of London (UOL). I told him that I could not afford going to UK. Then he told me that I could study LLB of UOL in Islamabad. We visited all institutes of Islamabad offering the Law. I remember him saying, while we were sitting in a coffee shop that if I were really serious about my study I should go to UCI. However, if I wanted to party I could go to any other institute.

UCI was the trendsetter and provided us with an exciting and enabling environment and great opportunity to study. We were treated there just like members of an extended family.

I feel happy that UCI is growing, In Sha Allah it will keep on developing and maintaining its high standards. I hope that my children will also come to UCI for study once they are grown up.

When I had my first meeting with the Prime Minister Imran Khan back in 2013, I shared with him my vision of building a number of universities with high academic standards and excellent learning and research facilities like Oxford, Cambridge, London, Harvard universities and MIT in Pakistan. Furthermore, it is also my dream to improve the employment sector of Pakistan so that graduates from the advanced countries would come to Pakistan for seeking Jobs.

I strongly recommend young aspiring students to join UCI, it is an excellent place to study as it provides enabling environment for intellectual development. I will be happy to support UCI in its noble mission and endeavours for the cause of quality education.

Pakistan Paindabad