Terms & Conditions

Terms and Condition

When a place is offered, the application form and affidavit sample attached to the prospectus must be completed and signed by the applicant and the person responsible for payment of fees, and returned to the college with the prescribed registration and application fee.  The affidavit must be on a stamp paper of Rs. 20/- or above and attested by the notry public. Fees at UCI are annual.

However, for FDA and ACCA the fees are based on number of paper taken. For BSc, LLB and Certificates of Higher Education in Social Sciences, Common Law and Graduate Diploma, if fees are paid monthly, they should be paid during the first week of the month. For students paying on a term basis, fees will be due within the first 10 days of the term and students paying annually will have to pay within first 15 days of the first term. If the fees are not paid within the stipulated period NO DISCOUNT WILL BE GRANTED IN THE QUANTUM OF FEES.

Fees for 1 or 2 subjects are the same and for 3 or 4 subjects are also the same.  If a student takes more than 4 subjects he/she has to pay 20% more of monthly installments for each subsequent subject(s).  The college reserves the right to charge fine if the fees are not paid within due dates. A regular or part time student must take two or more subjects at the college. Students that do not pay their dues on time will be suspended from the college.

All the students have to abide by the terms and conditions stated in the Fee Schedule and in the Handbook of the Regulations. UCI reserves the right to suspend any student from classes or cancel the registration who has not paid the college fees and dues.  And the student will not be reinstated until all the pending dues have been paid and the college also reserves the right to demand full payment of the balance of fees due for the remainder of the academic year. The Principal / Management of college has absolute and final authority to decide with regard to payment of fees and other college dues.

Student that does not clear all the college dues will not be issued any reference letter, results and college leaving certificate etc.

To withdraw a student from a course of study, a full term’s prior notice is required.  Notice must be delivered IN WRITING to the college within the preceding term (e.g. to be withdrawn from the second term, notice should be required during first term).  Student must get the revised fee structure in writing from the office in this regard.  If the required notice is not given in writing, the whole (or such proportion as the college may in its absolute discretion decide) of the fees for the Term from which the student is withdrawn shall become payable and the decision of the college management will be final.

When a student drops a course/subject before the 31st of December with the permission of principal there will be only 20% discount in fee (for dropping the subject) for the following months.  After the 31st of December no student is allowed to withdraw a subject and will not be given any discount in fees.  No student is allowed to take one subject at the college. The college will not  provide extra/special classes at the end of year to the studnet whose attendance is not satisfacotry.

Library secruity fee will be refunded upon completion of the clearance form and in the month of September after the results has been declared by the University of London. The library books should be returned before the 31st of July each year, otherwise library security fee will not be refunded.  The college reserves the right to charge fine if the books are not returned on time.

Throughout the course a student will be required to abide by the guidance given in Handbook of Regulations of the college and attend classes regularly and punctually.  The college reserves the right to suspend or dismiss a student who is guilty of misbehaviour which in the opinion of the Principal / the Management is unsatisfactory or likely to bring the college into disrepute.  The decision of the College Management cannot be challenged.

Timetable could be altered at a short notice should inevitable circumstances demand it.

Students are personally responsible for ensuring that their examination entries are correct although the college will provide assistance to students in the completion of form.

All students are required to satisfy the college’s standard health requirements: a general certificate of health has to be submitted to the college at time of admission.


First Term

September – November

Second Term

December – February

Third Term

March – May


Autumn Term July to November

Spring Term January to May.

Dates of mid term and Eid breaks will be announced during the term-time.

The college reserves the right to introduce changes to the information given in the prospectus without any prior notice.