Facilities Examination

Facilities and Examination

College Building

The college building has adequate facilities for lecture, tutorial and discussion rooms, apart from a computing laboratory. It also has a lecture hall, library, staff room, students’ common rooms and a prayer room.

Alan Bicker library

Alan Bicker library is an essential resource for learning, teaching and research, therefore the college is committed to maintaining an adequate stock of books. The initial efforts are necessarily focused on acquiring textbooks, general reference titles and journals for the subjects taught. Some books and all journals classified as reference material is confined to the college. The library is also a quiet study space available during working hours. The library catalog is computerized and students can search for a book on the library computer. There is also a collection of educational CDs that students can consult for their subjects.

Computer Facility at UCI

Computing plays an important role across the curriculum. The college has a Local Area Network with more than 25 workstations for advanced teaching, word processing, research and CBE. Students have access to free Internet facility over the LAN and WIFI at the college. The college is also centre for computer based examinations for intermediate papers of FDA and ACCA.

Student Council

The college student council is the focus of students’ social activities. All students are members of the council that is run by elected representatives of the students. The council holds meetings to discuss its programme. The student council manages sports and entertainment activities. It organizes social, religious and fund-raising events. The student council has several societies: Islamic, debating, law, literary and dramatic. The college has also cricket, basketball, football and table tennis teams.

Examination papers for all the subjects taught at UCI are set by the University of London or ACCA, CIMA and administered by the British Council in Islamabad. Papers are taken in Islamabad and scripts are marked in the UK. Results are usually announced after two or three months.