Principal Message

Principal Message

It was summer 1992 when the plan for establishing the University College of Islamabad was finalized.  The best brains and minds of the country were involved in, with the ultimate objective to provide quality education of the British standards at an affordable cost in Pakistan.  We decided to offer the University of London International Programmes. Our hard work of 25 years has resulted not only in establishing our credibility, but also setting high standards for the delivery of British-type of education in Pakistan. UCI launched ACCA courses in 2001.

UCI has an outstanding track record of teaching the Diploma in Economics, from 1996 and Diploma in Law, from 2009 until both Diplomas were withdrawn in 2015  and replaced by  CertHE in Social Sciences and CertHE in Common Law under the University of London International Programmes. In 2012, the University of London has renewed UCI’s status of Registered Centre of International Programmes.

Programme Director, External Studies, LSE and its team visited UCI in 2013.   Director, Undergraduate Laws Programme also visited UCI in 2014.  Their visits were very useful and provided us guidance for further improvement in the delivery of the programmes.  It is a big boost to us and a step forward to establish the credibility of UCI. In 2016 Pakistan  had the visits of  Dr. Mary Stiasny, Simon Askey and Lisa Pierre, senior members of the University of London International Programmes. They came to launch the Masters in Professional Accountancy and to attend the First Alumni meeting  of the University of London International Programmes in Pakistan. UCIs presence in the event was memorable with more than   60 of our alumni in the event.

UCI has been present in all events that have been organized by the University of London International Programmes. I attended the Providers’ Meeting in March 2015.  New developments and changes to the Programmes were discussed with all institutions. Later during the same week I had the opportunity to attend the presentation ceremony for the 2014 graduates.

UCI has been present as well in the International Teaching events organized by the LSE office for University of London International Programmes. Sherbano Minalah participated in the first symposium of Teaching and Learning held in Malaysia, 2013.  Mrs. Fakhar Zia, myself went to the symposium held in Istanbul, 2014.  Recently in May 2016 I have attended the event in Singapore. Our lecturers Rabia Saeed and Jawad Malik have attended the Laws events organized by UoLIA in Kuala Lumpur, 2014 and Colombo 2016 respectively. These meetings and symposia are very useful and interesting as they provide opportunities to the participants to interact and share their experiences with the faculty members and management teams of LSE and Laws Programme. I always urge and facilitate our teachers to avail opportunities for upgrading their knowledge and teaching skills.  I myself have set an example in this regard by completing the University of London Graduate Diplomas in Management, in 2008.  Recently in July 2016 I have passed the mentoring course of Oxford Brookes University

Our students have been producing outstanding results. Maria Jamshaid, a student of LLB got Examiners’ Award for two consecutive years and in her final year she obtained the first position in the world in Scheme B.  Our students maintained the tradition of high achievements in 2009 and secured 5 First Class (Hons); Khadija Khan got the 4th position in the University of London International Programmes Worldwide with 10 distinctions, 2 merits, other First Class degree holders are Syed Ali Aman Zaidi, Komal Ghani, Maha Ahmed,  Anam A. Khan, Komal Shakeel and Sadaf Ahmad.  Results of 2010 were excellent. There were 21 distinctions and 73 merits.  Three students Sadaf Ahmad, Sherbano Minalah and Syed Yasir received Examiner’s Award in International Economics, Social Research Method and Common Law Reasoning and Institution, respectively. In the year 2014 there were 12 distinctions, 55 merits and 4 students with 2:1 and 11 had 2:2. In 2014 Zara Qaiser received the “Year 1 Achievement Award” as she topped Pakistan in the BSc Degree.  The overall results of 2015 were 18 distinctions, 72 merits and 3 students were with 2:1 and 11 students got a 2:2.  In 2016, there are 13 distinctions, 69 merits and Zara Qaiser got First Class Honours in BSc Economics. One student got 2:1 and 16 students got 2:2.