This degree offers students an opportunity to combine their studies in economics and finance. It is based on quantitative, economic and finance subjects.  Students can choose optional units in economics and finance as well as in related areas such as accounting.  It will help in developing analytical tools from the fields of mathematics, economics and econometrics together with institutional knowledge required to work as a financial economist.

This degree has been primarily designed for those who are interested in a career as a financial economist whether in academia, finance or government.

Course List

100 Courses

EC1002               Introduction to economics

ST104A               Statistics 1 AND ST104B Statistics 2

MT105A Mathematics 1 AND  MT105B Mathematics 2

FN1024               Principles of banking and finance

200 and 300 Courses

EC2065               Macroeconomics (EC1002 + MT105A)

EC2066               Microeconomics (EC1002 + MT105A)

EC2020               Elements of econometrics

(EC1002 + ST104A + MT105A)

FN3092               Corporate finance (EC1002 + MT105A or MT105B)

EC3115               Monetary economics (EC2065) OR

EC3099               Industrial economics (EC2066)

FN3142               Quantitative finance (EC2020 + EC2066)

One 300 course (or two half courses) from any selection groups

One 100, 200 or 300 course (or two half courses) from  any selection groups


* EC1002 Introduction to Economics must be taken with or after ST104A

Statistics 1 and MT105A Mathematics 1, not before.

**  You can only take EC2020 Econometrics at the same time as or after ST104B

Statistics 2 and MT105B Mathematics 2, not before.


  1. Please refer to the most current version of the EMFSS regulations. These can be found on the University of London International Programmes website.
  2. Parenthesis indicates the prerequisites of the course.
  3. The college will provide tuition for a selected number of optional courses. This selection will be based on students’ choices, number of students, and suitability of the course and availability of teachers.