CertHE in Social Sciences

CertHE in Social Sciences


The certificates are intended to provide an opportunity to reach first-year undergraduate level both for the students who satisfy the normal entry requirements, and for the students who do not meet them, but can demonstrate that they have the ability, motivation and maturity to study at this level. In brief, it will enable students who have done FSc/FA, with good command of English to join the UOL qualifications. CertHE students after its completion will be awarded a certificate by the University of London.

The CertHE offers a great opportunity to FSc/FA, I. Com, ICS to join BSc or LLB course directly. After this the students may join the second year of the degree at UCI or they can apply to universities in the UK, Australia, Canada or USA for their second year BSc or LLB. Entry requirements for diplomas are listed in the General Admission Section.

CertHE in Social Sciences

University College of Islamabad has an outstanding track record of teaching the Diploma in Economics, from 1996 until Diploma was withdrawn in 2016. UCI is currently teaching CertHE in Social Sciences under the University of London. Academic direction is provided by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

The CertHE in Social Sciences is intended for students that are interested in Economics, or require the subject in the BSc degree they plan to join. CertHE in Social Sciences students are required to have a good command in mathematics.

Course List

Four full courses (or half course equivalents) from the following:

AC1025  Principles of accounting

DV1171   Introduction to international development

EC1002  Introduction to economics*

FN1024  Principles of banking and finance

IR1011    Introduction to international relations

MN1178  Business and management in a global context

MT105A  Mathematics 1 (half course)

MT105B  Mathematics 2 (half course)

PS1130    Introduction to modern political thought

ST104A   Statistics 1 (half course)

ST104B   Statistics 2 (half course)

LA1010   Criminal law

LA1020   Public law

LA1031   Legal system and method

LA1040   Contract law

* EC1002 Introduction to Economics must be taken with or after ST104A Statistics 1 and MT105A Mathematics 1, not before.

1. Please refer to the latest EMFSS regulations of the University of London for further information on other courses available and the prerequisites of the optional units.

2. The college will provide tuition for a selected number of optional courses. This selection will be based on students’ choices, number of students, and suitability of the course and availability of teachers