CertHE in Common Law

CertHe in Common Law

UCI – Registered Center of University of London International Programmes

The University College of Islamabad was granted CertHe in Common Law Teaching Status by the University of London in 2009 and has an outstanding track record of teaching the Diploma until it was withdrawn in 2016 (they are no longer offered through University of London). UCI is currently teaching CertHE in  Common Law under the University of London International Programmes..  This certificate is intended to provide an opportunity to reach first-year of LLB level, to students that do not satisfy the normal entrance requirements for LLB but can demonstrate that they have the ability,  motivation and maturity to study at this level.  After completion of the certificate students will receive a certificate and can join second year of the LLB (Hons) degree at UCI.  The certificate  is accepted by many UK universities and the students can be considered for entry to the second year of their respective Laws  Programme.