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    Workplace Transformation of Doctors Due to Covid 19


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    Question 1: Which benefits or detriments did you get from while working in hospitals or privately during Covid 19?

    1.       Fewer patients waiting.
    2.       Been able to manage some home errands while at work
    3.       Easier to manage the workload
    4.       I was at home while doing the consults
    5.       The shifts timings were more convenient.
    6.       Risk of having Covid 19.
    7.       Patients not following Covid SOP
    8.       Some procedures considered “optional” and postponed
    9.       Fewer patients as they were worried to come to hospital
    10.       Difficult to manage the IT and software.
    11.       Clients consult on whatsapp and don’t pay fee.
    [uacf7-row][uacf7-col col:3] Which are the most important benefits for you (from 1 to 5) [/uacf7-col][uacf7-col col:3] [/uacf7-col][uacf7-col col:3] Which is the most important detriment for you (from 6 to 11) [/uacf7-col][uacf7-col col:3] [/uacf7-col][/uacf7-row]
    Question 2: Q2 Which Platforms or software were used for attending your patients and getting paid?

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    Question 3: Not being able to see patients presentially was a big problem

    Question 4: Give your opinion to give online support vs presential consultation of patients?

    Question 5: Which device did you use to attend your patients?

    Question 6 Rate your experience for remote checking of patients

    Question 7: What do you miss the most during the Covid times?