Monday – Friday                                                        09:00 AM   05:00 PM

Saturday                                                                        09:00 AM   01:00 PM

The UCI Management may change the library hours, if required.

The Library will remain closed on Sundays and holidays announced by UCI authorities.


  • Membership will be award on completion and signing of the appropriate Registration Form and upon payment of Library Security Fee of Rs.
  • Only UCI students will be granted membership on the recommendation of the heads of UCI. They should apply on prescribed form.
  • Membership will not be transferable and any change of address shall be notified immediately to the Librarian
  • Membership shall be valid till the course completion – the student register in – from the date of issue.
  • Loss of any book or study material shall be reported immediately and may be replaced on payment of fee determined by the Library Authority.
  • Books will be examined carefully on return and the borrower will be held responsible for the damage
  • All the member should return the library book at the end of every academic year
  • A member upon leaving the university shall return the library books to Librarian.


  • Do not write on any book. After reading, leave books on the table or on the book trolley. Please do not shelve the books
  • Complete silence should be observed
  • Drinks and eatables are not allowed
  • Mobiles phone should be switched-off
  • While returning library books or other materials to librarian, make sure it has returned properly