UCI is a Registered Center of University of London International Programmes 

The University of London has long been regarded as an ‘international gold standard’ in legal education.  For over 150 years it has provided the first step on a career route for many thousands of practising lawyers within the Commonwealth and around the world.

A degree in law does not in itself qualify you to practise as a solicitor or barrister, but it is usually a prerequisite for exemption from the academic stage of professional legal training.  The University of London offers two schemes for the LLB degree.  Scheme A (details in the course list) with minimum of three years of study. Scheme B, intends to reduce the workload and which is done in four years.  There is also the graduate entry pathway. Details for Scheme A, Scheme B and graduate entry are given in the University of London International Programmes, Laws Prospectus.

General Entrance requirements for this degree are detailed in the Eligibility Section .



Four compulsory modules

Legal system and method

Criminal law

Contract  law

Public law



Three compulsory modules

Tort law

Equity and trusts

EU law

One optional chosen from:

International protection of human rights



Two compulsory modules

Property law

Jurisprudence and legal theory


Two optional modules chosen from:

Company law

Introduction to Islamic law


Conflict of laws



  1. It should be noted that a paper once passed at an earlier part of the examination may not be sat second time.
  2. The college will provide tuition for a selected number of courses of this list. The selection will be based on students’ choices and availability of teachers.