Entry route to ACCA if you do not have the traditional A Level or equivalent qualifications.  FDA consists of seven examinations, which are all computer based and they are held on regular basis in UCI premises.  These exams focus on the core skills of financial accounting and management accounting and the wider role of the accountant in the business sector. After completion of FDA, students are exempted from the Knowledge Module of ACCA.  It is a flexible award that allows prospective students to select the most appropriate progression.  At every stage the student can get an intermediate certification for the passed subjects.  For example, students that have passed FA1 & MA1 will obtain the Introductory Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting..



FA1                        Recording financial transaction

MA1                      Managment information

FA2                        Maintaining financial records

MA2                      Managing costs and finance

FAB                        Accounting in business

FMA                      Management accounting

FFA                        Financial accounting



FUNDAMENTAL LEVEL (9 papers in total) Knowledge module

F1           Accounting in business

F2           Management accounting

F3           Financial accounting

Skills module

F4           Corporate and business law

F5           Performance management

F6           Taxation

F7           Financial reporting

F8           Audit and assurance

F9           Financial management

PROFESSIONAL LEVEL (5 papers in total)

Essentials module

P1           Professional accountant

P2           Corporate reporting

P3           Business analysis

Options module (Any two of the followings)

P4           Advanced financial management

P5           Advance performance management

P6           Advanced taxation

P7           Advanced audit and assurance

For further information about ACCA & FDA programmes, please visit www.accaglobal.com