CFA – Chartered Financial Analyst – Do you want to Study at UCI in Islamabad

UCI is one the best college for CFA – Chartered Financial Analyst Teaching in Islamabad. Our CFA Faculty is very experienced and qualified. You can obtain the qualification at a very competitive price in Islamabad.  

Chartered Financial Analyst is a very distinctive and most diverse program. This program is designed for candidates who want to become investment professionals and have a strong foundation of advanced investment analysis along with real-world portfolio management skills. The program is to enhance your career prospects in the investment analysis field.

A charter holder is held to the highest ethical standards. Once an investment professional obtains the charter, this individual also makes an annual commitment to uphold and abide by a strict professional code of conduct and ethical standards. Violations of the CFA code of ethics may result in industry-related sanctions, suspension of the right to use the CFA designation, or revocation of membership.

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Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Exams Preparation 

CFA Exam Preparation for Level I, II, III are offered in Islamabad at Universal College Islamabad by Mr. Badar, CFA USA, with 100 percent PASS RATE 

CFA Program Scope in Pakistan

According to CFA Institute’s Public Directory, there are less than 500 hundred active CFA Charterholders in Pakistan. This makes it much more precious than other accounts professional qualifications. If you have completed 16 years of education, just go for it without any second thought.

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Eligibility Criteria

  1. The eligibility criteria for the CFA course are mentioned below.
  2. Min. Qualification Required: Graduation (Full-time any field)
  3. For every next level, one must have passed the last level of the course. 

CFA Selection Process:

  1. In order to appear for the Level I exam, candidates must either be in the final year of their graduation or must have completed graduation. Only those candidates who have pursued graduation will be able to take the CFA Program Level II program. OR
  2. Candidates must have work experience of at least 4 years in a professional environment. OR
  3. Candidates must possess a combination of education and work experience that sums up the duration of four years (part-time jobs are not evaluated).

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Syllabus

The CFA Program comprises three levels and each level comprises a six-hour exam. Candidates have to pass these three extensive exams in order to get the CFA credentials. There is a specific weightage given to every subject at different levels of the course. Following are the levels and subject weightage:

Level I: 

Basic aspects of the investment analysis are covered at this level. The level comprises a total of ten topics that will be covered using investment tools.

Level II: 

This phase comprises the application of investment tools and topics that are focused on the valuation of different types of assets.

Level III: 

In this level, an emphasis is laid on synthesizing all of the concepts and analytical methods in order to learn their applications for wealth planning and effective portfolio management.