Studying AT UCI Islamabad

Study at Universal College Islamabad

Founded in 1992
UCI Building black and white

Students attend a mix of lectures, and seminars depending on the course. They are required to submit a number of written assignments and take tests each term. They are also required to attend study skills sessions to help them in writing and putting arguments in a concise and coherent manner. Students are encouraged to use all the facilities available for study. The students are exposed to an international environment as many students from other countries are also joining the college. Emphasis is also given on extracurricular activities and field trips. The college has many active student societies and clubs.

Lectures play an important role in all courses, but teaching is also carried out in small groups, either tutorials or seminars. Students use these sessions and tutorials to discuss their written work with tutors, consider the arguments raised in source materials and examine general problems of interpretation.

Students are expected to submit essays and assignments for marking, subsequent review, and discussion: the objective being to develop students’ research, writing and presentation skills. Revision sessions are conducted towards the end of each term to ensure a thorough grasp of the syllabus. Near to the final examinations students are required to take mock examinations.

The college places great emphasis on the well-being of students during their studies. Two or three members of staff are assigned personal tutoring duties. They maintain regular contact with students and keep the principal informed of students’ progress. The college administration helps students in their applications for admission to universities in Pakistan and abroad.

Mission Statement

The objectives of Universal College Islamabad are to provide the British-based quality education; compatible with education system in Pakistan, at an affordable cost and accessible to a wide range of students under the best possible college environment

The Pioneer College

Universal College Islamabad, the lead institution in Pakistan offers the best international qualifications that ensure; excellence, flexible study program, quality learning, employability, and opportunity to join the world-class global community of influential alumni from leaders in business and industry.

Change of Name of the College

The name of the University College of Islamabad (UCI) has been changed to Universal College Islamabad (UCI). However, there is no change in the mission, objectives, and management of the college.

Special Campus Tour

The college building has adequate facilities for lecture, tutorial, and discussion rooms, apart from a computing laboratory. It also has a lecture hall, library, staff room, students’ common rooms, and a prayer room.

College Library

Alan Bicker library is an essential resource for learning, teaching, and research, therefore the college is committed to maintaining an adequate stock of books. The initial efforts are necessarily focused on acquiring textbooks, general reference titles, and journals for the subjects taught. Some books and all journals classified as reference material is confined to the college. The library is also a quiet study space available during working hours. The library catalog is computerized and students can search for a book on the library computer. There is also a collection of educational CDs that students can consult for their subjects.

Powerful Alumni

We are pleased to share that UCI graduates are all over the world; UN Organizations, World Bank, IMF, International Banks, National, and International Universities, Bureaucracy, Pakistan Administrative Service, Business, National Politics, and top-class lawyers, Arts and the Media, Film and Electronic, Music Industry, Social and Print Media.