ATHE Level 4 & 5 Extended Diploma in Law

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Universal College Islamabad is recognized centre of ATHE Level 4 & 5 Extended Diploma in Law.

ATHE Extended Diploma in Law Level 4 & 5 is a qualification comprising 120 credits each. Regulated by Ofqual, and holds the same level of equivalence as the first year of a university degree.

An increasing number of UK and international universities recognize ATHE qualifications. It is a viable pathways for advancing towards relevant bachelor’s and master’s top-up degrees. This recognition opens up substantial opportunities for tertiary education for our learners.

Learners have access to all course materials and get support for written assignments. Teacher will also guide them for assignments briefing, solving and submitted. They will also have access to excellent study notes.


The program is available in 2 duration modes:

  • Fast track
  • 12 Months
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Entry Requirements

The learner must be 18 +

Entry profile:

  • level 3 qualification in law or legal studies or,
  • A Levels 
  • Equivalent to Intermediate in Pakistan 


ATHE Extended Diploma Level 4 and 5:

Upon successful completion of the Level 4 Diploma in Law, learners have various options for progression. They can choose to advance to a Level 5 Diploma in Law or pursue a range of bachelor’s degrees offered by different universities.

ATHE is a global awarding organisation regulated by Ofqual and other UK and international regulators since 2011. ATHE is working with more than 280 recognised centres in over 55 countries.

Study Modules 2023-2024:

Level 4 1st Year (120 Credits) 

  Credits Mandatory  
Contract Law 30 Yes  
Criminal Law 30 Yes  
Legal Methods 30 Yes  
Public Law 30 Yes  

Level 5 2nd Year (120 Credits)

  Credits Mandatory  
Equity and Trusts 30 Yes  
European Union Law  30 Yes  
Land Law 30 Yes  
Law of Tort 30 Yes  

Note : Total Credit hours of Level 4 and 5 are 240 hours. Students must have to complete Level 4 before progressing to Level 5


ATHE’s qualifications are mainly assessed through assignments, projects and practical exercises etc that students have to complete throughout course of studies.

No Exams