UCI has a SCHOLARSHIPS policy to recognize the achievements of students and adding more of such programs to encourage students for high achievements and rewarding them for their excellent and outstanding performance. In addition to merit, some additional SCHOLARSHIPS are also available. 

MC-UCI Scholarship Policy for BBA

Monroe College (MC) BBA Program fees on its campus in New York, USA is USD $8721 per semester. Monroe College has very graciously agreed to offer a special fee grant for students at UCI campus. Monroe College will charge only USD $900 per semester for BBA program for UCI students in Pakistan.

UCI students are also eligible to get transfer to MC New York, USA campuses. Once they are on MC campuses USA the college has offered a special grant scholarship of USD $ 2500 per semester. This is really a special grant of MC to students of UCI. This special grant will enable them to have an American qualification at their partner college and Pakistan students must take benefit of this great opportunity.

UCI’s fee is also very competitive to enable Pakistan students for studying BBA program. UCI will also offer a scholarship of Pakistan Rupees (PKR) 40,000 for BBA students per semester on merit. This is a great financial support, UCI is offering to its students.

Selection Criteria for Merit Scholarship

  • The scholarship is for one academic semester and the students’ academic progress will be monitored throughout the academic semester. However, the scholarship may be discontinued if the students’ progress is not consistent.
  • The discipline committee of UCI has a right to withdraw scholarships at any point during the year, in case the awardee is guilty of misbehavior/some disciplinary action anytime.
  • The numbers of scholarships are limited, depending upon the grades of students and the number of students admitted. Numbers of scholarships are reviewed every year.

Criteria other than merit

  • Children of single parent (mother)
  • Hafiz-e-Quran
  • Minority (Hindu, Christian and Sikh)
  • Sports person (National and provincial level sports person)
  • Siblings’ scholarship
  • Children of Academician
  • Children of Armed Forces and Police department officials
  • Capital Development Authority (CDA) officials’ children